Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man

Taurus woman and Capricorn man relationship often lives long as they both want committed relationship. They both are practical and dedicated thus they feel comfortable being around each other but they can have problems in interacting with each other as they both lack communication skills.

Taurus woman: Taurus woman is lady with elegance and beauty. She is smart, sensible and stable person. She likes to have everything clean and tidy. She is also good cook and caretaker which make her perfect housewife. She may have beautifully decorated home with small garden. She can also have successful career as she is intelligent, hard working and ambitious. She generally shows calm personality but she can become angry if anyone tries to force her to do something against her will. She does not like anyone dictating her. She is capable of taking care of her by taking careful decisions all the time.  


 Capricorn man: Capricorn man is highly ambitious and dedicated person. He owes his life to his work. He wants to earn respect for his work. He is also patient and hard working in nature thus he achieves success in quick succession. He can become self-absorbed and expressionless person but he is also caring and loyal lover. Very few people would know this side of Capricorn man as it is reserved for his family and closed friends only. He will always be there when his family needs him the most. He will preserve the traditions on which he was brought up by his family.

Taurus woman and Capricorn man

Taurus woman has down to earth nature. She is calm and composed person with ability to take care of her loved ones. She is also practical and dedicated person which is quite similar to Capricorn man. He feels comfortable having a lover who has just similar qualities like him. She likes being at home cleaning, decorating and cooking good food for her family. She can become good support in his every endeavor but she would expect some respect in return, otherwise she would feel unappreciated.

Taurus woman and Capricorn man relationship: Capricorn man generally shows detached and selfish nature but he can also show care and responsibility in his relationship. He makes loyal partner and believe in long lasting.



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